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As word of the wonders you can do with shoes spreads, people who have been bitten by the DIY shoe bug have started sending me cool photos of the shoes they have done.  I thought you’d like to see what some of these creative women are doing.Demaris before 72 dpi

First is Demaris Brower, a jewlery designer, who wrote that she started with shoes that were “ugly black fake dull vinyl with a ‘cane seat’ woven front.” First she painted them (see photo at right). Then she glued ribbon bows over the toes. “It’s amazing what paint and 2 yards of ribbon can do for a girl!” she says. Talent helps, too! You can visit her website at

Demaris after 72 dpi

The next shoes are from Lynn. First is a pair that she color-blocked,which means painting different distinct sections of a shoe in different colors. In her case, that meant Metallic Russet, Pearlescent Emerald, and Sunset Gold, all of which come in the Lumiere Exciter Pack.

Lynn Revay multicolored sandals 72 dpi

Lynn also sent before-and-after photos of a great idea she had for renewing some plain brown shoes. Take a look below!

Lynn marie revay BEFORE 72 dpi

Lynn marie revay AFTER 72 dpi







I also received some amazing photos from Sandy, who started her sassy-shoe career with boots.

Sandy first boots 72 dpi

Sandy used Pearlescent Turquoise and Burnt Orange (or it could be Halo Pink Gold — they are fairly similar shades). The designs in contrasting colors were created by strokes of the paint brush. I especially like the way she shifted where the colors were used on the second boot.

Next Sandy did a pair of boots for a friend and took her ideas a step further.

Sandy boots front pair 72 dpi Sandy boots back pair 72 dpi

On these boots, she wanted to glue Swarovski crystals down the front in the little indentations on either side of the laces, but knew that they would pop off if she glued them to a part of the boot that would be flexed a lot when they were worn. Her solution? The top nine indentations have Swarovski crystals, as do the bottom nine. The middle eight “crystals” are actually painted on.

Sandy just retired from running her own business and she says painting shoes “is like a breath of fresh air, it just FREES you, it’s a calmness that I enjoy.  I put a CD of Sharon Burch on and paint, it’s truly a most relaxing time.”

If you’ve been painting shoes and want to share the results, send me some photos! My email is

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