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While I was in Reno at the Quilting, Stitches and Craft Expo in late May, I did some demos of how to paint shoes. You got a peek at one of them in the post called “Walking on Color.”  I thought you’d like to see the end result of that project.102_2279 72 dpi

First, here’s the “before.” This was a Teva sandal that had gotten some wear and really needed some new life pumped into it! At the show, I started by painting the footbed with Lumiere in Metallic Olive Green, one of my favorite colors of theirs.

Margot painting insole 72 dpi Next I picked out some colors that I liked with the green, including Grape, Indigo, and Pearlescent Turquoise. I painted one shoe with the straps in Indigo, and the other with the straps in Grape. The triangle holding the straps together was painted in the opposite color. Then I took my special dot-painting brush (more about that in my next post) and put Pearlescent Turquoise polka dots on both straps. I also added some dots on the toe area of the footbed.  (Actually, at first I put the dots all over the footbed, but when I looked at the result, it looked sort of … itchy on the foot! So I let them dry and painted over most of them.) Here’s the result. (The Grape and the Indigo look much more distinct from each other in real life.)

Margot camper sandals

There’s a cool shoe company, Camper, that has a line of shoes called Twins, where the shoes — like my reborn Teva sandals — are not identical but complementary in their design. If you like the idea, you might want to take a look at their site to get some ideas.

In the meantime, I’ll be wearing my “new” sandals in the lovely late spring air of Morro Bay, CA, where I live.

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