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I continue to be fascinated with painting and embellishing little shoulder bags. (See my earlier posts, Time on My Shoulder and Little Beauty #2.) Actually, this one didn’t start out as a shoulder bag; it had handles. But I took care of that with my trusty scissors!

Harvest Time before 72 dpi

Here’s the “before” shot. It’s a new purse of manmade leather that I picked up in a thrift store. First, I cut the handles off and glued flat the little raised areas where the handles had been been attached to the body of the bag. Next I painted the top part of the bag and the piping around the edge with a mixture of Metallic Olive Green with a little Citrine. The rest of the bag I painted with Metallic Rust.

Then I glued down three swaths of trim, starting at the top and overlapping raw edges as necessary: dark gold lace, leopard-print grosgrain ribbon (7/8″ wide), and wide sequinned trim. I used The Ultimate glue for this since it works best — in my opinion — for gluing fabric to painted surfaces. I then glued red ribbon leaf trim over the grosgrain ribbon.

Harvest Time after 72 dpi

I attached a heavy upholstery cord to serve as a shoulder strap by cutting little slits in each side of the purse, squeezing E6000 glue into the slits, then feeding in the ends of the 32″ cord I had cut. (I had glued together the cut ends of the cord first, using Fabritac fabric glue). Once the cord was inserted, I clamped it with oversize plastic spring clamps from the hardware store and let the glue dry for 24 hours. (I love the little spring clamps in the Sassy Feet store, but sometimes they’re just too small.)

Now it was time for the finishing touches, you know, the things you do at the very end of project — sometimes planned, sometimes not — that really make it POP!  I rooted around in my stash of vintage watch faces and found one in a burnished gold color. It even had the hour hand still on it. I placed it atop three green embroidered leaf appliques and attached the whole thing with E6000. Finally I dug out the luxuriously oversized tassel I had bought to go with the upholstery cord and stitched it on.

The end result is the third purse in my “Little Beauty” series, which I call “Harvest Time.” Do I get to say TA-DA? Well, consider it said!

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