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On Saturday I posted about redoing some Teva sandals, a project that included dotting the straps and footbed with various size polka dots. DSC02222 72 dpi

There are lots of ways of making polka dots with paint. Some people use toothpicks for tiny dots and the eraser ends of pencils for larger ones. I was looking for something that would make reliably round dots in several sizes and found the perfect tool.

Now, you have to understand that I am a tool addict. I LOVE having the perfect tool to do the job, and as long as it’s not prohibitively expensive, I’ll buy it. Last year I found just the thing for making dots like these. It’s a paint brush called a Colour Shaper. Instead of a brush at the end, it’s got a silicone tip, which comes in different shapes and sizes.

The one I like for making dots is the taper point soft, size #6 (the larger brush shown below). I also use a taper point firm, size #2, which is smaller.

DSC02085 72 dpi

Now, I’m not generally a polka dot kind of girl. But there are times when I want to be silly, like when I painted the Teva sandals, and times when the dots work with the design I’m doing.

For example, I was doing a pair of summer wedges a while back, and I wanted to transform DSC01804 72 dpithem from something you’d wear to a yacht club social to a style with a little edginess to it. I started by painting the pink fabric with Really Red glitter paint. Big improvement! But a problem remained: the rubber sole was white and had two red lines running around it. Not edgy. And since you can’t paint rubber (unless you’re willing to spend $50 a gallon for specialty paint), you are limited to tinting it with a Sharpie or gluing something over it.

So I rummaged through my stash of trim and found the perfect thing: black snap tape with red plastic snaps. I bought some of the new Flip Flop Glue from Beacon (E6000 would have worked, but I wanted to see if this new stuff was any good) and glued it down. (The Flip Flop Glue held really well, but I had to clamp the tape in place until it dried because this glue isn’t sticky when it comes out of the tube, the way E6000 is.) Great transformation, especially after I painted the insole black!

DSC01833 72 dpi Glitter punk after 72 dpi

But a plain black insole wouldn’t do. So I decided to mirror the shapes on the snap tape with dots around the edge of the insole. This is when I started my search for a brush that would do the job for me. I found my first Colour Shaper in my local Michael’s craft store. The result was a row of identical, almost perfectly round dots. Very satisfying.

Dots on Ruby Wedges 72 dpi

Here is a VERY LARGE photo of the result so you can admire my handiwork! It also gives you a good closeup of the snap tape.

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