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I was browsing through Michael’s craft store the other day and came across some great shoe embellishments on one of their hanging-rack displays. Of course, the store thought these were for jewelry making, but I knew better….

It’s unusual to find in the beading and jewelry-making sections embellishments that are big enough to work on shoes. Usually the stuff they offer is too small or too delicate, so I was delighted to spot these.

Faux Show on card 72 dpi First was a pendant from their “Faux Show” line, measuring  2.25″ wide by 1″ high.  Nice and big! And it cost just $4.99 — less with my handy 40% coupon, which Michael’s mails me every week (sign up for their emails from the link at the bottom of their home page).

I bought two (one for each shoe, of course) and was glad to see that they have little loops on each side. The loops stick out at right angles to the back of the pendant, which would have made the piece stick up from the surface of the shoe too much, so I bent them inward by hand until they were nearly flat. Then I used the loops to stitch down the embellishment using a leather needle and ultra-strong beading thread, both of which I carry in the Sassy Feet store.

Faux Show on closeup shoe 72 dpi

Faux Show on whole shoe 72 dpi As you can see, I chose a shoe with a squared off line at the toe to mirror the squares on the embellishment.

The other discovery I made at Michael’s were silver-colored metal embellishments with words on them. Being a writer, I naturally LOVE clothing and jewelry with words on them, so these really caught my eye. They are part of their “Fresh” line of charms and pendants and were $3.99.

This one I put on a retro style shoe that came from Payless. First I removed the bow that was on the toe, then I used the same leather needle and thread to stitch down the embellishment.   I like the simple, clean look of the metal against the perforated leather. What do you think?

Fresh pendant on shoe closeup 72 dpi Fresh pendant on whole shoe 72 dpi

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