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First of all, I apologize for being offline for a while! I was preparing to go to the Quilting, Stitches and Craft Expo in Reno where I have a booth, plus I’m giving a one-hour seminar and teaching a class. Three in one — it took a LOT of planning and even more finessing when it came to packing the car. But I made it!

Sassy Feet booth photo 72 dpi

Here’s what one corner of the booth looks like. And below is a pic of me (or part of me) doing a demo of painting the insole on some old Teva sandals of mine.

Margot painting insole 72 dpi

Did you know you can paint the insole (sometimes called the footbed) of your shoes? Just prepare the surface the same way and use the same Lumiere paints you use on the body of your shoes. I especially like to paint the insoles on sandals because they show a bit when you wear them, so the color makes a big difference.

Besides, it’s really nice to walk on wonderful colors! Here are a couple other sandals of mine where I painted the insoles. The one on the left has a spiral stenciled on it.

Copy of with bells on after 72 dpi Gypsy summer after vertical 72 dpi

This last sandal, below, has its footbed painted red at the toe and copper for the rest, with little branches stencilled in the opposite color. I’ll put a really big picture of it here in hopes you can see the branches. I wore these today at the craft festival and was glad I did because when you have a booth about painting and embellishing shoes, the first thing everyone wants to know is what YOU are wearing.

Copper and red sandals AFTER 72 dpi

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