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Ever since I discovered that luscious Lumiere paints worked on leather, I’ve been painting my shoes (and everybody else’s!) in shades of blue, green, purple, red, gold, silver, copper, and glittery versions of all of the above. I’ve used stencils, stamps, and brushes to create patterns or do color blocking.

Last week I tried something completely different. I painted a pair of new sale sandals (Mephistos, no less) a single color.

Margot's blue sandals pair 72 dpi

It’s a rich purple-blue that my co-conspirator Destiny mixed for me using Pearlescent Blue, Pearlescent Violet and a little bit of Pearlescent White (also called Pearl White). All the Lumiere paints can be mixed to get wonderful new colors. Even if all you do is add some Pearlescent White, you get great results.

So if you are mixing a color, how much will you need to cover a pair of shoes? I tested this on some size 9 black slip-ons (like Van’s, but in leather). I used three coats of paint (the most I’ve ever needed to cover a contrasting color), then measured what I’d used.

The good news is, it took ONE TABLESPOON! I was amazed. I guess it’s cause this paint covers so well and flows on so easily. I asked Destiny to mix a little more than that when she was creating the color for my sandals because I always save a small amount of the paint I use to cover the inevitable scuffs and scratches that any shoe acquires over time.

Lumiere single exciter pack bottle 72 dpi The bottom line for this experiment is that if you get a Lumiere Exciter Pack, which has 1/2 oz. bottles of nine different colors, you can paint more than NINE PAIRS of shoes. Not to sound too salesy, but at $14.25 a pack, that’s really cheap! Which is good, because so am I….

Lumiere exciter pack 72 dpi















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