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Last week I wrote about creating a collection of recycled purses called Little Beauties and showed you the first one, which I’ve now named Steampunk Time, inspired by a comment from Barbara.

Red Eagle before 72 dpi I thought you’d enjoy seeing the second in the series as well, which I did at the same time. I find it helps to work on two purses at once. That way, while paint or glue is drying on one, I can work on the second one. This purse started life as, I think, a promotional giveaway — it’s got a ritzy cosmetic maker’s name inside.

Because the purse is covered with nice red fabric, I decided not to paint it. Instead, I changed the strap to silver-plated chain and glued on a big black sequined embellishment as the centerpiece. I love that part of it dangles off the bottom of the bag.

Red Eagle Time after 72 dpi

From this point, I rooted around in my stash and pulled out things to dress it up more. I ended up using these bits and pieces:

  • A narrow black satin ribbon anchored at the corners with red Swarovski flatback crystals to create a frame for the centerpiece
  • A red embroidered applique of an eagle that I scored upstairs at an amazing place in San Francisco called General Bead (they have an online store, but it doesn’t incude appliques)
  • Two rhinestone shapes (overlapping squares), also from General Bead
  • An old watch face, a detail I’ve decided to use on every Little Beauty (you can see it better in the closeup below)
  • One red and two black rayon tassels found at a quilt show

I’m calling this one called Berlin Time because it looks both faintly Germanic and wholly decadent. I’m delighted to report that my ultra-cool twentysomething step-daughter Jenny took one look and said, “Wow!”

Red Eagle Time after closeup 72 dpi

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