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Sassy Feet! had a booth at the Santa Clara Valley Quilt AsDestiny doing demo 72 dpisociation’s Garden Party Quilt Show earlier in the month, April 3rd & 4th.  It was decked out with shoes, purses, books, and products.  The Sassy Store on the road!  Our booth looked really awesome.  Margot’s excitement for our craft sparked the interest of a lot of women [and a few men] in what we do.

She asked me to do some demos at the front of the booth, so people passing by could see the craft in  action.  The first demo was on a Sketchers style Mary Jane sneakers.  The interesting lines and construction of the shoe lent itself well to color-blocking.  We used the complementary colors from a Lumiere Exciter Pack.  It certainly created interest in  shoe painting — we only had two Exciter Packs left at the end of the show!

Green glitter hightop BEFORE 72 dpi Margot had a pair of woven synthetic high tops to glitter for a demo, too.  These things looked as if they were plucked directly off of the feet of MC Hammer himself — Metallic Gold!  Wow, can’t touch this!  I scanned the Glitter It! rack to see which yummy color I wanted to cover the gold material with.  Shamrock Green is one of my favorites so I grabbed a jar of glitter-paint base, a packet of glitter and a stir stick.

As Margot has mentioned in previous posts, you can’t change the color of the shoe with the glitter so I used the Pearlescent Emerald from the exciter pack as a base.  Once that dried, I poured in half the packet of Shamrock glitter in to the jar of Glitter It! base and mixed it up.  Then, I poured in the other half and finished mixing. Too much at once results in a small glitter eruption that can blanket yourself and the surrounding area with a magical, yet annoying, shine.

As I started laying on the glitter on, I noticed because the glitter paint is so thick, strokes with the fan brush can create an uneven texture.  An uneven first coat creates a greater need for subsequent coats so the better you lay the first, the easier the next ones will be.  Rather than using normal strokes, I applied the glitter with a patting motion.  I was pleased with the results and only had to touch-up once.  I think our make-over was a HUGE improvement!

Green glitter hightop AFTER 72 dpiGreen glitter hightop side view AFTER 72 dpi

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