M monogramI have been in love with suede since I discovered its sensual softness back in high school. I first splurged my clothing allowance on a brown suede jacket, then my graduation-gift money on a knee-length suede coat the color of a Russian Blue cat. Which is gray. Yum. I felt SO sophisticated!

So there’s no way I’m going to cover up the delicious texture of suede on shoes even with the Lumiere paint I love to use. Skyline wedge before DARKER 72 dpi However, there’s no denying that suede shoes CAN come in colors that don’t go with anything in my wardrobe. Like these salmon-colored wedges, which were actually on sale and in my size.

The solution I found was a wonderful suede dye from Angelus, which I discovered online at Turtlefeathers. I chose two colors, Purple and Blue, because when you’re dyeing, you have to go darker than the color you start with. I used the purple on the upper of the shoe and around the top of the wedge, then transitioned to blue to create the effect of a night sky.

It takes two or three coats to cover, but the dye is not expensive and it goes on easily. When you’re done, you just brush up the surface of the shoe and it’s as soft as when you started. The shoe I ended up with is called Skyline Wedge.Skyline wedge after 72 dpi

Of course, I also did a few other things to this shoe besides dye the suede, but that’s the kind of girl I am….

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