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Destiny here, surprising people!  I just wanted to celebrate my wonderful cohort, well partner-in-crime really.  However, she doesn’t know I am posting this. [Gee, I hope she doesn’t oust me after this!] The DIY, Shoe-It-Yourself Movement is a marvelous thing.  Not just from an artist’s standpoint. Or a creative standpoint.  Or even a green standpoint, because it is very much all three of those things.  It is something more.  It’s about perception.  Things are not WYSIWYG [wis-i-wig, “what you see is what you get”] in life as they may seem.

 Margot introduced me to the world of wearable art.  All of my art had been with traditional mediums, like paint, canvas, pencil, paper, etc.  Margot welcomed me into this new idea that anything can be whatever you wish.  These shoes only come in green.  Wait, NO! These shoes are what I DECIDE they are.  Nothing just ‘is.’

Her partner and I put our scheming heads together and decided how cool it would be for Margot to have a Glitter Sweatshop TOUR SHIRT!  She is teaching and talking all over the west this year, spreading such a wonderful, creative art form.  She is practically a rock star!  We sure think she is!

So, I went to work.  I quietly visited a local clothing store and picked up a black cotton tee shirt. Took the tee shirt home and painted “glitter sweatshop” in a funky hand painted font on the left breast in Pearlescent Magenta.  After a short dry time, I went over the letters in Glitter It! Glitter Paint in Fuchsia, because what is a Glitter Sweatshop rock shirt with out glitter, right?!  After that dried, I applied a shirt transfer with the “tour dates” onto the back.  I surprised Margot with it [much like this blog will surprise her when she discovers it], and she’s worn it numerous times since.  I even tricked her into taking her own photos to post in this blog, ha ha. Nevertheless, I thought it was all pretty darned cool.

Teefont    Teeback

Why am I writing all of this? Life is DIY!!! You may not be able to help the ingredients you are given, but you can mix them how you’d like. Perception leads to creation, and art heals souls.  This philosophy has manifested itself in wonderful ways for me.  I have Margot to thank for much of that.  Looking at all things with this ‘potential’ eye is literally eye-opening.  It’s not just art; it’s a philosophy!

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