Before I got into doing shoes, I was a long-time lover of sewing. Still am, as a matter of fact. It's just that now my fabric stash is being used in the creation of one-of-a-kind fabric collage shoes. 

Lonni Rossi bootie AFTER - resized Last summer I raided my stash of quilting cottons and pulled out a number of Lonni Rossi prints in black, gold and red. I'd bought a half-yard of each years ago with an idea of making… something.  Now I wanted to cover a little suede bootie I'd bought from Newport News, which is a great source of inexpensive leather shoes.

With pinking shears and Fabri-Tac (a fabric glue I like for adhering fabric to leather), I snipped and glued my way around that bootie until it was transformed from dull blue-gray (picture at right, below)to glorious red and black.

Lonni Rossi bootie BEFORE - resized I covered the collar of the bootie with black fold-over elastic, replaced the original laces with the same elastic, and added tassels and little brass bells for a final sassy touch. (Can you guess where the bells came from? A belly-dance store!) 

I've been showing this shoe and a couple of other fabric-collage shoes I've created to quilting guilds around Northern California and the quilters love it! If you love it, too, check out the little booklet in the Sassy Feet store about how to create fabric-collage shoes.

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