Given the name of this blog, I probably ought to talk about this glitter thing. Now,I’m not normally a glitter girl. I’m not glitzy or glamorous. I don’t wear diamonds (my engagement ring has sapphires and garnet). But I find the sparkle of glitter rather appealing.   And as my friend Melissa the waitress says, “It’s hard to be mad when you’re sparkly.” She let me glitter her heavy black workboots and walked the floors of Taco TSporty Sparkler before - 200 pixels wideemple here in Morro Bay with sass in her step! Sporty Sparkler after - 200 pixels wide

The thing that drives everyone nuts about using glitter, though, is that it gets ALL OVER THE ^#$?^#@  PLACE!  My co-conspirator in crafts, Destiny Carter, says that glitter is the herpes of the craft world. So I came up with a way to submerge the glitter in a clear leather paint so that it would still sparkle like mad, but it couldn’t get out and sprinkle itself all over your life. (It works on manmade leather and fabric shoes too.) Here are some before-and-after shots of shoes I’ve glittered to get you thinking about what’s possible.

Above is a sport shoe with its sides painted Burgundy Glittered in Gold before - 200 pixels wideand its top painted Glittered in Gold After - 200 pixels wide then glittered with Sparkly Silver. At right is a simple canvas skimmer, painted Bright Gold then glittered in Antique Gold. I painted the white piping black, then used a 1/4″ wide flat brush to paint the “stripes” with Metallic Olive Green.

Glitter punk before - 200 pixels wide Glitter punk after - 200 pixels wide This shoe was another that started out as fabric. Because it was already reddish in color there was no need to paint it first. (Our glitter paint, called Glitter It!, works best when it’s used to add sparkle, not to change the color of a shoe.) I glittered it with Really Red, painted the insole black, and glued black and red snap tape around the platform.

Glitter group from book - 200 pixels wideGlitter shoe cluster - 200 pixels wideGlitterati_side_view - 200 pixels wide   New 012 - 200 pixels wideSparkle High Top - 200 pixels wide

So whether you’re going to be a bridesmaid or a bride, a glamourpuss, a vamp, or a hipster (do they still say that?)…

WHO DOESN’T NEED GLITTERY SHOES??  Especially if you need to go home again (Ruby Slippers).

Ruby Slippers Before - 200 pixels wide  Ruby Slippers after - 200 pixels wide

To see our whole palette of 21 glitter colors, click here. Not to sound too much like an ad, but at 9.99 a bottle, getting sparkly is a great way to feel good in hard times. Besides, a bottle covers two pairs of shoes so you could always shower with a friend (as it were) at half the price.

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