M I’ve been working on going Steve Madden one better. His shoes are fabulous and my first chance to mess with his work came when I got an email on a huge sale he was having. (I’m not about to experiment on a pair of $249 shoes!) I found some brown embossed-leather hightop sneakers for $9.99 and bought three pairs!

Coppery hightop before  Coppery hightops after

Here are the results.  This pair I highlighted by lightly rubbing Lumiere’s Metallic Copper (sometimes called Super Copper) paint over the line of embossing. Then I stitched a copper oxide filigree to the toe with a leather needle and FireLine. Last of all, I bought orange topstitching thread and ran the shoe laces through my sewing machine using a decorative stitch.

Coppery hightop closeup

 The last step was much easier than I expected. I thought the shoelace would squirm all over the place as I tried to get it to feed evenly through the presser foot, but it behaved itself beautifully. Maybe it’s cause I have a Pfaff with dual feed (like a built-in walking foot) or maybe it’s just that laces only look wiggly. If you have a machine, try it. Even a simple zigzag stitch will look great. Just be sure to put topstitching thread in the bobbin and the needle. I also bought a top stitching needle, which has a bigger eye to make it easier to thread – it also makes the thread less likely to fray and break.

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