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The Summer 2015 issue of Altered Couture featured a striped linen top embellished with a faux zipper that Margot Silk Forrest painted with Lumiere leather and fabric paint. 

Confetti painted sneakers

Simple black sneakers go to town with dabs of iridescent Lumiere paint. Amazingly easy to do! Published in Altered Couture‘s Summer 2015 issue. 

Sponge-painted sandals

We sponged pink platform sandals with several subtle colors of Lumiere, then added a handmade rose-and-filigree embellishment, also dabbed with Lumiere. In the Summer 2015 issue of Altered Couture

Altered Couture featured two pairs of Margot Silk Forrest’s embellished and sparkly Glitter It!-glazed hightops in their Autumn 2013 issue.

In Altered Couture‘s Autumn 2013 issue, Margot took a thrift store clutch and rubbed it with layers of iridescent Lumiere paint, then added steampunk embellishments.

The Winter 2014 issue of Altered Couture featured an article by Margot taking a pair of Manolo Blahnik knockoff booties two steps further by adding feathers and crystals.


Altered Couture magazine gave our Sassy Feet book a glowing review in their Summer 2013 issue! Click on the article above to read it. Visit our online store to buy a copy.

AC Summer 2013 - Crocodile-1

In Altered Couture‘s Summer 2013 issue, Margot shows you how to make faux croc shoes and bags really stand out.

AC Summer 2013 - Oxford-1

The Summer 2013 issue of Altered Couture featured an article by Margot on creating a stylish effect by taking a pair of conservative style shoes and adding metallic paint and glitter.

AC Summer 2013 - Kaffe-1

In the Summer 2013 issue of Altered Couture, Margot tells you how to cover those all-too-faux cork or wood wedges with beautiful fabric.

The November 2012 issue of Altered Couture featured an article by Margot on how to make zipper ruffles and spirals for embellishing shoes.

AC Feb 2012 - Gold Leaf wedges

The February 2012 issue of Altered Couture featured an article by Margot on how to gold-leaf and drastically update a pair of out-of-date dark wooden wedges.

SF on Crafty Manolo 3-1-11-a

Margot and Destiny’s over-the-top Mardi Gras boots were featured on the blog Crafty Manolo, the craft arm of The Manolo’s far-reaching blog empire! To find out how we created these, see our blog post “Bourbon Street Beauties.”

AC May 2011 - Glitter It plug 2

In their May 2010 issue, Altered Couture featured Sassy Feet’s Glitter It! glaze as one of their Editor’s FAVES!

AC Nov 2011 - Carmen

In the February 2011 issue of Altered Couture, Margot and Destiny showed step-by-step how to make these great big gorgeous ribbon roses and attach them to hot little heels.

AC Feb 2011 - RufflesThe February 2011 issue of Altered Couture magazine included an article by Margot and Destiny on how to create their lavish evening booties, Ruffles at Midnight

AC Aug 2010 - Diva

In the August 2010 issue of Altered Couture Destiny got to show off her fabulous pink glittered high heels, Diva Couture. The article also tells how to do them!

Twas the Night Before Christmas screen capture resized-1

Jacquard Products, makers of Lumiere paint, invited Margot and Destiny to create a wearable-art Christmas “stocking” — out of a real boot for the Projects section of their website

AC May 2010 - Chocolate

In May 2010, Altered Couture magazine featured an entire bouquet of Destiny and Margot’s altered bridal Shoes. Above are Destiny’s Better Than Chocolate bridal booties.

AC May 2010 - Bridal Boots

The second pair featured were Margot’s knee-high boots,called Kaylie’s Bridal Boots,

AC May 2010 - Dancer's

Next came Destiny’s simple but very pretty high-heeled sandals called Dancer’s Delight.

AC May 2010 - Cinderella

This issue also included the first bridal shoes Destiny ever created, complete with lace, crystals, gold-painted highlights and a great big rhinestone embellishment.

Dharma Trading newsletter cover-1

Margot was a featured artist in the January 2009 newsletter from the wonderful folks at Dharma Trading Company. Six pairs of her shoes were featured.

AC Nov 2009 - Fringe

Fringe Benefits! In the Winter 2009 issue, Altered Couture magazine featured a how-to article by Margot on embellishing a pair of booties with confetti fringe and a cameo.

AC Nov 2009 - Fandango

In the same issue, Margot wrote about adding embellished guinea-feather pads to the sides of stacked-heel boots, which she called Fandango.

Virtual Costumer Feb 2010 - Spectators-1

Attention costumers! Ever wanted to know how to make a pair of spectator shoes to go with your Jazz Age costume? Check out this article by Margot in the Virtual Costumer.

All You 12-18-09 cover resized

All You magazine, December 2009, gave an Editor’s Pick to our instant-pizzazz Glitter It! paint for shoes!

AC Winter 2008 - Urban

Altered Couture magazine, Winter 2008, featured our wild Urban Valentine boots bedecked with chain maille, brocade, lace — and a lot more!

AC Autumn 2008 - Letters-Copper

In their Spring 2008 issue, Altered Couture magazine published an article by Margot on how to create two different pairs of wedges, Letters from Home and Perfectly Copper.

AC Autumn 2008 - Delicata collage

In that same issue, Altered Couture featured two pairs of our flower girl shoes. First was Destiny’s charmingly decorated Delicata

AC Autumn 2008 - Violet

Margot’s flower girl shoes, named Little Violet, were also published in the same issue of Altered Couture.

WE08 cover

The catalog for the illustrious Wearable Expressions exhibit in February 2008 included photos and descriptions of our Glitterati pumps, Poetry in Motion sandals, and Urban Valentine boots.

CCM cover

In September 2007, Central Coast (California) Magazine, featured Margot’s Brocade Dreams kitten-heel pump with upholstery piping and a brass embellishment.

AC Spring 2007 - gypsy

Breaking Into Print! In the Spring 2007 issue of Altered Couture, magazine, Margot had the fun of seeing her very first painted shoes in print! They are called Gypsy Summer and they still travel with her to all her classes and lectures as a great example of what beginners can do!