Margot Silk ForrestNext week, just in time for the holiday giving season, Destiny and I are going to add two new kits to the Sassy Feet store. The first one will feature five of our favorite metallic Lumiere paints plus (of course) a bottle of Sassy Feet sealer, with a $5 savings over purchasing the items separately. Look for the kit right before Thanksgiving.

The paints included are Bright Gold, Metallic Silver, Pewter, Metallic Bronze, and Super Copper. In preparation for adding this kit to our store, I searched through our thousands of photos to find a shoe or handbag painted wholly in each of those colors. I found silver boots, gold heels with ankle straps, pewter moccasins, and copper kitten heels. But nothing that was all-over bronze. Which is odd, because it’s one of my favorite colors.

bag before paintingWhat to do? Dig out a suitable handbag from our collection of donations from friends, ebay finds, and thrift-store purchases and get painting!  This cream-colored vintage bag is leather with a grosgrain lining and what I thought was a plastic clasp and handle. Turns out that “plastic” is actually Bakelite, the original plastic, and a much classier substance!

Now, light colors are the hardest to paint over and after prepping the surface with rubbing alcohol, it took two full coats plus some touch ups to turn this vintage beauty Metallic Bronze.

It turned out just as I’d hoped, and I think the color looks great with the color of the Bakelite.  But to my eye, it was missing something, even if this was just supposed to be a paint sample….


So I dug around in our stash and came up with this fabulous and very cheap full-blooming off-white rose.










I poured a little Halo Pink Gold onto a paper plate (it’s a little pinker than the bronze, more like the color that a rose would be), dabbed my fan brush in it, and swiped some color on the rose. I dabbed a little Metallic Bronze on, too. What a difference!

bronze-bag-back-of-roseNow it was time to attach the rose to the bag and I had a brilliant idea! I cut off most of the plastic-wrapped wire “stem,” stripped away the green plastic covering, and used my needle-nose pliers to bend the remaining wire into a loop. Then I could just stitch through the loop.

Well, I tried that and the loop immediately pulled out of the rose! At least the petals didn’t fall off….

dome findingSo I went back to an old friend I’ve used many times when I need to attach something with a flush surface to a shoe or bag. It’s called a dome finding (I bought mine at Fire Mountain Gems — don’t know if they still carry them.)

I glued it in place with E6000, clamped it for 24 hours (as per their instructions), and then stitched it onto the purse using Fireline thread and a leather needle.


Ta da! Persistence paid off. (If often does, especially in DIY.)

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