Custom Shoe Painting and Embellishing

We can turn your shoes, boots, or sandals into any color -- or colors -- you want with our specialty leather paints. The results look great, as if the leather had been dyed that color.

So why would you want your shoes painted?
  • You find a shoe style you love, but they don't have a color you like in your size.

  • You have a special event and want shoes to match your outfit.

  • You wear specialty shoes, like Z-CoiLs, but they only come in black.

  • You have a pair of old favorites that you'd like to look new again.
If you want more than a gorgeous new color for your shoes, we'd be delighted to help! We also do custom embellishment on shoes, boots, sandals -- you name it. We've even embellished comfort shoes like Birkenstocks and orthopedic shoes.

Our clients have included brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls (you can see these shoes at Silk Forrest Bridal), fashion models, authors making public appearances, and women who want to really LOVE what they wear on their feet!

To discuss a commission, contact us by email or phone: (805) 771-9522).

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shoes can you paint?
We can paint the uppers of shoes made of leather, manmade "leather," or fabric. We can't paint rubber, vinyl, or plastic shoes (like jellies or Crocs), and we can't paint rubber or plastic soles, like on running shoes.

Will the paint stay on?
The paints we use are specially formulated to adhere to leather. They won't chip, crack, or peel off. Just like dyed leather, however, they can scuff, so with every pair of shoes we color for you, we include a small bottle of matching paint and simple instructions on making touch ups when needed.

How long does it take?
For a simple painting job, we like to have two weeks. For painting patterns, pictures, or multiple colors, we'd like a little longer.

What does it cost?
We charge $65-$75 a pair plus shipping to paint your shoes in one or two colors. If you want something fancier and/or with embellishments, contact Margot and tell her what you're looking for. She'll get you a quote for your commission.