You'll Never Look at Shoes (or Bags) the Same Way Again!

Upcycling shoes and bags is for those of us who love to break the rules, express ourselves, have fun, and come up with highly individual designs.

Once you let Margot Silk Forrest and Destiny Carter show you how easy it is to transform your plain, unloved, or worn-out shoes and bags into fantastic new accessories, you'll regret the day you cleaned out your closet and took your old shoes and bags to Goodwill!

To get a taste of what's possible -- and how to do it -- take a look at our DIY shoes and upcycled handbags, read our Getting Started section, and shop our online store for paint, our own formula of glitter for shoes and bags, embellishments, kits, books and expert advice.

"It's like Martha Stewart meets Manolo Blahnik!"

NEW NEW NEW!!!  OUR FIRST VIDEO WORKSHOP is now available at the Sassy Feet store! Shot in our own studio, we show you step by step how to paint GORGEOUS, professional-looking shoes and bags. It's easy when you see how!

The workshop includes more than an hour of information and demos with four bonus tracks on how to add sparkle to your shoes and bags using our own Glitter It! Glaze.

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Our NEW "Getting Started" video workshop is available NOW!